2011 Haunted Orchard

Title: 2011 Haunted Orchard
Location: Silas Griffith Inn, Danby, Vermont
Start Date: 2011-10-28
End Date: 2011-10-29

Description: The Silas Griffith Inn and First Baptist Church of Manchester, VT
presents a Halloween treat for the entire family.

A mysterious graveyard has appeared in the fields of the Silas Griffith Inn. Ghouls and Zombies roam the paths and terrors from your nightmares await you at every turn. Who knows what will pop out at you this year?!?

Enjoy a guided tour on a haunted path
through the fields and orchard at the Silas Griffith Inn.
Afterwards, warm-up at Emma’s Restaurant
with home-made treats, beverages and more.

Feel like haunting?
We’re looking for a few good monsters.
Please call for details.
Link out: Click here

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