Seventeenth Annual Smugglers’ Notch Primitive Biathlon

Title: Seventeenth Annual Smugglers’ Notch Primitive Biathlon
Location: Sterling Ridge Inn and Log Cabins in Jeffersonville, Vermont
Start Date: 2012-01-28
End Date: 2012-01-29

Description: This is the original Primitive Biathlon, and the largest such event held. Rather than the olympic-style target rifles and cross-country skis, this rather unusual event involves the use of muzzleloading rifles and snowshoes. Eligibility for overall prizes is limited to single-barrel traditional style muzzleloaders – no in-lines or optical sights – and traditional wood-framed snowshoes, although modern equipment users are welcome to participate. In the primitive spirit of the event, and in the interest of fairness, the use of round-ball ammunition is requested. Period dress is definitely encouraged, though not required.

The beautiful, mostly wooded course is approximately 2 miles long and can be enjoyed by the average sportsman – you needn’t be an olympic athlete! The route will be well-marked and will include four target stages with a total of nine shots. A mis-fire is a miss (Keep your powder dry!), times will be adjusted based on shooting scores putting an emphasis on accuracy, and the final target stage will be in an open, spectator area where families of the entrants and anyone interested can watch. This event will be held regardless of the weather – remember the concept of ‘Primitive’. In the event of insufficient snow for snowshoes, bring a good pair of woods boots.
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