Ski Touring the Kingdom: Historic Hinman by Ski

Title: Ski Touring the Kingdom: Historic Hinman by Ski
Location: Northeast Kingdom, Vermont
Date: 2012-01-14

Description: History comes alive as Northwoods and the Old Stone House lead a ski tour of one of Vermont’s oldest roads – the Hinman Settler Road. The terrain includes rolling wooded trails, snowmobile trails, and ungroomed backcountry. We’ll meet for a brief indoor primer on route planning, trail making, and historical highlights, review a proposed ski trail linking, and then shuttle to the Greensboro trailhead. Following the Hinman Settler Road back to West Glover Village, we’ll explore old foundations, cemeteries, and other signs of early settlers, and stop for an indoor picnic enroute. Join for the full tour or meet us for a half tour. Bring a bag lunch, warm layers, plenty of water, and a change of socks!
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