The 5th Farm-Based Education Conference

Title: The 5th Farm-Based Education Conference
Location: Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, #Vermont
Start Date: 2011-11-03
End Date: 2011-11-05

Description: The 5th Farm-Based Education Conference will bring together nearly 200 farmers, teachers, non-formal educators, philanthropists, chefs, historians, land conservationists, journalists, health care specialists, food system and farm advocates, and other farm-based education practitioners, partners, and community leaders.

Please contact Tre McCarney, Conference Coordinator with any questions:, (802) 985-8686 ext 381.

Workshops Include:
* Integrating Experiential Education, Food Systems Research & Community Outreach
* Harvesting the Full Potential of Adult Farm Programming
* Hand Them the Knife: Empowering Future Eaters and Cooks
* Why Farm Policy Matters
* Farmer in the Classroom
* Therapy, Recreation, and Education: Welcoming People with Special Needs
* Farm to School to Garden to Cafeteria
Link out: Click here

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