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Virtual Vermonter - Vermont Artists & Artisans

Vermont Artists & Artisans

Artists are arranged alphabetically and, when possible, we include the artists medium, home town and a brief snippet (usually from their Website) to give you an idea of what they do. Drop us a note to include your favorite Vermont artist.

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Ahrens, Wick
Sculptor: Weston. Master whale sculptor.

Ainley, George
Fine Windsor Chairs: Perkinsville. "The Windsor Furniture from my shop is made by the same construction techniques that produced today's antiques which are now prized for their distinct character, beauty and strength."

Ames, Irene M.
Basketmaker: Derby. Operating under the name IMA Basket. "Using the authentic basketmaking techniques of the Sweetser family, Irene Ames produces ash baskets bearing the trademark star-shaped pattern introduced by the Sweetser family in 1820."

Amidon, Peter and Mary Alice
Singing, traditional dance & storytelling: Brattleboro. "Peter and Mary Alice Amidon are versatile and widely respected performing and teaching artists who for the past twenty years have dedicated themselves to traditional song, dance and storytelling."

Barron, Jacob
Glassblower: Greensboro. With Lucas Lonegren, runs the Caspian Hot Glass Studio.

Becker, Jas.
Cabinetmaker: Wilder. Making custom, reproduction, and original design office and home furniture.

Benoit, Norman L.
Mason, Sculptor. "Born in 1952, I am a self-taught artist in the medium of stone, clay and marble. I am an advocate of realism and believe in concentrating all my efforts towards creating as much realistic sculpture as I can."

Bessett, Harry and Wendy
Glassblowers: Hardwick. Produce a wide variety of fine glass pieces. The Website alone is nicely done and well worth the visit.

Birbeck, Robert
Scuptor: Wells. "There is no message in my sculpture. They are objects of sensation, not philosophical statements or social commentaries."

Bissell, Richard
Fine Woodworking: Putney. "Over the years I have developed a line of Shaker furniture and Windsor chairs. In addition to my "standard" line of Shaker furniture I also do a considerable amount of custom work ranging from minor changes to standard pieces to designing and building completely new designs."

Blakely, Corliss
Artist: St. Albans. Works in oils and watercolors.

Borter, Robert
Jeweler: Brattleboro. Borter's Jewelry studio is located in Brattleboro and open (last we checked) Tuesday through Friday from Noon to 5:30 (or by appointment).

Boyer, Jennifer
Pottery: Montpelier. Thistle Hill Pottery, to be exact. "I make handmade functional stoneware pottery serving pieces, dinnerware, vases, lamps and more. I also can do wedding gift registry."

Burke, Kim Snyder
Ceramics: Londonderry.

Calter, Paul Arthur
Sculptor: Randolph Center

Cannon, Jan
Pottery: Charlotte. Specializes in "Contemporary stoneware pottery influenced by the ceramic traditions of Asia."

Cassidy, Dennis
Stained glass: Hancock. Produces "stained glass lamps, panels, suncatchers, windows, doors, sidelights," as well as custom work, repairs, training and more.

Chiles, John
Glassblower: Orwell. Works with a number of different types of objects, all very cool.

Claggett-Perine, Marjorie
Jeweler: E. Middlebury. "Exquisite pearl encrusted ornaments in a variety of color & fabric combinations handcrafted from virgin materials; velvets, satins, tapestries and laces. They are filled with satin roses or swarovski crystals."

Coburn, Michael
Photographer: Morrisville. "Fine Art Photography Specializing in fine art prints to the collector and living and creating in the green mountains of Vermont." Does a lot of work with nudes.

Compton, Robert
Pottery: Bristol. "In addition to the annual workshops held at his studio each summer, he has published articles and given workshops throughout the USA, New Zealand, England, Wales and Ireland. Robert's work is in the permanent collections of the Kirkland Museum and Wood Art Gallery, as well as, the personal collections of musician George Harrison and hotelier Baron von Hilton."

Cook, Steven
Painter. The virtual gallery of oil paintings by Steven Cook.

Dendler, Royce
Artist: Bristol. See the works of one of Vermont's Premier Abstract Artists and Designer at the Sawmill Gallery.

Dennison, Hannah
Dance, Choreography: Burlington. "I am one of a small handful of Vermont choreographers making work for a mixed ensemble of seasoned dance artists and fledgling performers, who don’t necessarily fit the stereotype of 'dancer/ performer'."

Drury, Harold Arthur
Painter: Stowe.

Dye, Sean
Painter: Saint George. "In 2000, Sean's pastels were chosen for several national juried exhibitions including the Degas Pastel Society. He was awarded prizes at the Sierra Pastel Society and the United Pastelists of America shows. He was recently accepted as an associate member of the Pastel Society of America. He is a member of The Degas Pastel Society, The United Pastelists of America and founder of the Vermont Pastel Society."

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