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Virtual Vermonter - The Sound of Vermont


The Sound of Vermont

Among the many wonders the Internet provides is its ability to bring to your computer radio stations from around the world. As I type this, a snow-buried apple orchard out my window, I'm listening to WVJZ from St. Thomas. Try that ten years ago.

Vermont is well-represented by over a dozen radio stations "streaming" their signals online. The software necessary to listen to these streams can vary a bit, but generally fall into a couple of different formats that will require one of two players. The first is the Windows Media Player, which Windows users should already have installed on their systems (Macintosh users can download the player here). The second is the RealPlayer, which can be found here. Both are free, although Real makes you jump through hoops a bit to find and download its free player. Just keep hunting on the various pages you wade through for the Free Player link, and you'll wade through their subscription maze eventually and find the free player. Once these players are installed, clicking on virtually any streamed link on the Internet (on these radio sites, look for something like "Tune In" or "Listen Live!") should immediately launch the correct player and bring Vermont to your ears.

Located in Burlington, this Internet station "showcases the best in DJ based music and culture."

Onion River Radio
Located in Montpelier, Onion River Radio plays adult alternative music, which you can access over the Internet with the Windows Media Player.

Located physically in Albany, VT, WEQX (102.7 FM) offers an alternative format for the Windows Media Player. This is the only online Vermont station we found which requires first time listeners to register (not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that, but those who care have been warned).

WMNV is actually part of WHAZ, an inspirational/religious broadcasting network heard on four stations (three of them in upstate New York). In the Bennington/Rutland area, you can find it on your dial at 104.1 FM.

"The Point" features a wide range of music, from Beck and Joe Jackson to Roland Orzabal, Linda Rondstadt and Enya. They also feature a number of special shows, including blues, reggae, new music, etc. The Point can be found at a number of different stations throughout Vermont, including the northwest corner of the state (104.7 FM), Lyndonville/St. Johnsbury (95.7 FM), Montpelier/Barre (100.3 FM) and the White River Jct./Windsor/Bradford area (103.1 FM).

The Middlebury College radio station, WRMC (91.5 FM) plays a range of musical styles, including hip-hop, electronic, jazz and loud rock (in addition to Middlebury College sports). Their schedule is organized into shows featuring specific kinds of music, and you can get more information on what is playing when from their Website.

The University of Vermont radio station (90.1 FM) is online during UVM's spring, summer and fall semesters, during which time it offers an eclectic mix of Celtic, hip hip country, electronic, punk rock and other musical types. The physical station is located in Burlington.

Vermont Public Radio is all over the FM dial, with stations in Burlington (107.9), Windsor (89.5), Rutland (88.7), St. Johnsbury (88.5) and Bennington (94.3). As might be expected, they offer the usual public radio mix of classical music, news and syndicated shows like All Things Considered. They also have a purely classical channel, both of which are available online. You can choose to listen to the live stream using either the RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, and for those just interested in the latest news, they have it available on-demand.

The student station of Vermont Technical College, WVTC (90.7 FM) features a range of music, much of it conventional FM fare (Green Day, Dr. Dre, etc.) The Website also features a Web cam so you can peak into their Randolph Center, VT studios.

Another college radio station (this one from Saint Michael's College), WWPV (88.7 FM) plays a number of different formats and fills any gaps in their schedule with Vermont Public Radio.

Happy Listening!

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