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Hiking & Backpacking

Vermont offers a wealth of hiking and backpacking opportunities year-round for those looking for a serious back-to-nature experience. Click on one of the links below to take the "first step" towards a hiking/backpacking adventure in the Green Mountain State.

The Long Trail
Called "the footpath in the wilderness," the Long Trail is the oldest long distance hiking trail in the United States and actually served as the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail...

The Appalachian Trail
Only a small portion of the Appalachian Trail (about 150 miles) lies in Vermont, and two-thirds of that is along the Vermont's Historic Long Trail.

Best Vermont Camping Areas for Hiking
While virtually every one of the 100+ camping areas in the state of Vermont offer hiking either directly from the area or close to it, there are a few areas which really stand out and call to the avid hiker...


The Long Trail Guide: Hiking Vermont's High Ridge by Green Mountain Club
The Long Trail Guide is the official guide to the Long Trail and its network of side trails. For anyone considering doing some serious hiking on the Long Trail, this is almost a must.

50 Hikes in Vermont: Walks, Hikes, and Overnights in the Green Mountain State, Sixth Edition by Bob Lindemann, Green Mountain Club
This definitive guide to hiking in Vermont has been completely revised and updated and includes six new hikes. In addition to covering the Green Mountains it now includes 6 more new hikes ranging throughout the state.

Great Hikes in Southern Vermont by Leslie Schomaker
Great Hikes in Southern Vermont offers a unique, new, user-friendly format that makes hiking a more pleasurable experience. Rather than a book, which is cumbersome to use on the trail, this is a set of individual "hiking cards". Each colorful and graphically pleasing card combines trail map, route description, elevation gains, level of difficulty, historical notes, best picnic spots, explanation of mountains seen from overlooks, directions to trailhead and much more.

Great Hikes in Central Vermont by Leslie Schomaker
This "book" is structured similarly to Great Hikes in Southern Vermont above.

Great Hikes in Northern Vermont by Leslie Schomaker
This "book" is structured similarly to Great Hikes in Southern Vermont above.

Best Hikes With Children Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine (Best Hikes with Children) by Cynthia C. Lewis, Thomas J. Lewis
Spectacular views, berry picking sites, swimming holes, and tide pools are just a few of the natural treats in store for hiking families. Practical information on distance, difficulty, and elevation helps parents choose a suitable hike. Tips on hiking with kids, coupled with an emphasis on the environment and safety, ensures a fun time for all. And when the kids are tired, or enthusiasm is running thin, optional "turnaround points" can spell success for a day's outing. From toddlers to pre-teens, from parents to seniors, Best Hikes with Children: In Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine is sure to become every New Englander's favorite outdoor guide.

Exploring the Appalachian Trail Hikes in Southern New England: Connecticut Massachusetts Vermont (Exploring the Appalachian Trail) by David Emblidge
10 b/w photos 65 maps Complete descriptions of 170 great day hikes on the AT. Easy-to-read topographic maps and elevation profiles for each hike. Plants, wildlife, and historical points to see along the way. From the spruce forests of Tennessee and the leafy gorges of Virginia to the rolling Pennsylvania hills and the rocky heights of New England, the Appalachian Trail offers 2,200 miles of hiking opportunities. The five books in this series present accurate, detailed information for 170 day hikes (and a few overnighters), all recommended by AT experts.

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