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Canoeing & Kayaking in Vermont

General Tools

sunset over Connecticut RiverVermont Boating Regulations
Vermont Boating Regulations runs through a variety of state rules and regulations for all types of boating. Covered here are speed limits, navigation rules and specific canoe/kayak rules such as: "Effective May 1, 1995, all recreational boats, canoes and kayaks less than 16' in length must carry a type I, II or III wearable PFD for each person on board." They also link to other relevant resources, such as boat registration information.

Vermont Use of Public Waters Rules
Adopted on February 2, 1999, the Vermont Use of Public Waters Rules cover everything (and we mean everything) from loon nesting site restrictions to specific rules for every lake, pond and reservoir in the state.

Vermont Lakes and Ponds
Speaking of Vermont lakes and ponds, this site also lists every one in the state and offers information such as the size, basin size, maximum depth, elevation and kinds of fish present in each. Ever wonder what the deepest lake in the state is? That would be Memphremagog, at 351 feet.

Real-Time Data for Vermont: Streamflow
If rivers are more your thing, stop in here to find flow and height stats for rivers in Vermont and New Hampshire. They also provide information on other water bodies, such as lakes and ground water.

United States Weekly Precipitation
And what causes a river's flow and height to rise or fall. Precipitation (well, and dams I suppose). This Intellicast site can give you an idea of how much rain has fallen across the United States in the past week. Not a great yardstick, but you can get a rough idea of how the waterways in a given region may be fairing.
Find out current and long term forecasts for the following Vermont cities:

Terra Server USA
Maps are good to have whenever you're heading out to an area you're unfamiliar with, and Microsoft's Terra Server USA can set you up with free maps and aerial photos from across the country.

If your tastes run more to topographical maps, TopoZone is for you. This site lets you search for US maps by place name or by deg/min/sec.


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