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Coolidge was actually a pretty hysterical guy, particularly if you like your humor on the dry side. Growing up he participated a great deal in village minstral shows and gave humorous speeches in college. The great humorist Will Rogers said of him: "Mr. Coolidge has more subtle humor than almost any public man I ever met. I have often said I would like to have been hidden in his desk somewhere and just heard the little sly 'digs' that he pulled on various people that never got 'em at all. I bet he wasted more humor on folks than almost anybody."

My favorite example though was when he found himself sitting next to a young woman at a dinner party. The woman confided to Coolidge that she had a bet that she could get at least three words of conversation out of him, to which Coolidge quietly replied, "You lose."

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Fact: The first ski lift in the U.S. was started in Vermont.



























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